Please note the following regarding data you may give to the school, including the Archive and Trust Office, in the course of accessing and using this website and/or the main Old Scholar website, and any correspondence with the Archive and Trust Office.

Your privacy and the security of all information that you give to us are of vital importance to Bootham School. We keep a record of correspondence and enquiries to the archive, to monitor overall use of the archive, feedback from users, and to assist when enquirers contact us again at a later date. Information about archive enquiries is kept securely, and will only be seen by staff of Bootham School.

If you are an Old Scholar or past staff member:

  • Information that you give will be held on the Bootham School Trust Office Database in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the School Data Protection Licence. All security measures to protect your data and privacy are in place and your data will ONLY be used by Bootham School and for Alumni and Development purposes. The only people who will see your data are staff of Bootham School and agents contracted by the School such as Bootham Old Scholars’ Association (BOSA).

  • As an Old Scholar, you will be able to choose whether to make some or all of your profile data visible to other alumni via your log-in for the Old Scholars’ Online Community website. You may change these preferences at any time. Alumni data is used by BOSA, academic, administrative and support departments at Bootham School to promote close links between the School and its former students, staff and parents.

If you give a postal address, telephone number/s and or an email address, you authorise the School to contact you using any of these methods. You have a right to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you and to correct any inaccuracies. You may opt out of specific or all communication at any time with the School by writing to us at the Trust Office, Bootham School, York, YO30 7BU.

If you have any questions concerning data protection you are welcome to contact us at (for Old Scholars) or (for other enquirers).

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