Use the buttons along the top of the page to switch between browse, search and advanced search.


Use this to browse through magazines by date. The magazines are organised by volume, with the dates covered by each volume shown underneath. When you have found the magazine you would like to view, click on it and it will open as a PDF file.

Search and Advanced Search

The basic search function can be used to search using words or phrases, keywords and a date range. If you would like to search for more than one keyword, click on the + symbol to the right of the keyword dropdown box to add another keyword dropdown box.

Depending on the search you are doing, the search results may take a little time to appear. To open the magazine for a particular search result, click on either ‘Open File’ (which opens the PDF version of the file) or ‘Open Text’ (which opens a text file of the relevant article, highlighting the words or phrases which match your search).

Use advanced search if you would like to filter your search, for example to include a month in the search criteria or search for a word in the article title only.

Other archive material

This website contains copies of the ‘Bootham’ magazines from 1902 (the first edition of the magazine) to the present. If you have any questions about other material in the archive, please contact the Archivist, Elaine Phillips (

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