Bootham magazine is the magazine of Bootham School and its Old Scholars’ Association. Bootham School is an independent Quaker school in York, which was founded in 1823. For more information about the history of the school, please visit http://www.boothamschool.com/senior-school/more-about-bootham/school-history/. The Old Scholars’ Association was founded in 1879 and was known as the Old York Scholars’ Association (OYSA). It later became known as Bootham Old Scholars’ Association (BOSA).

The magazine was started in 1902, and according to the first edition, it was “A Magazine for all who are interested in Bootham School, York” and the aim of the editors was to “draw closer the bond between the past and the present, the old and the new.” It has contained news of the school and its various clubs and societies, essays and other work from both students and Old Scholars and news from Old Scholars. Originally it was published three times a year, but changed to two issues a year in 1943 due to paper rationing, and then to one issue a year in 1977.

The school has a fascinating archive – everything from its official records to natural history. If you have any questions about other items in the archives or think we might be able to help with research, please contact Elaine Phillips, the Trust Manager on 01904 623261 or Elaine.Phillips@boothamschool.com. For news from the archive, please visit http://blogs.boothamschool.com/archives/. If you would like to find out more about Bootham School, please visit our website at www.boothamschool.com.

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